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Being a qualified Fablab, in the international Fablab list here.

The lab is reserved to citizens wanting to experiment with personal digital fabrication techniques. You are allowed to make personal fabrication and prototypes – but you are not allowed to produce anything for sale.
At Copenhagen Fablab we talk alot about sharing knowledge – you can think of it as our most valued currency. This is a way to give back to the Danish and international FabLab and maker community that has shared a lot of the skills and inspiration that you and I are using now.

Where to share – we are working on activating Sharing on this domain.
You share knowledge by documenting your project on this domain, on our Facebook group or any sharing media as long as you tag Copenhagen Fablab.
So the deal is; free use of the machines for things that are not for sale. You “pay” by teaching other users how to use the machines and by sharing your findings with others.

Images – before and after, works in progress
Design files (.ai, .stl, .png, .gcode, .svg etc.)
Programming files (.ino etc.)
Machine settings – speeds, power, layer height, gram force etc
What material you used? Size, thickness
What tools did you use and its accessories? Bits, blades, adhesives etc?
Where did you buy your components?
What would you do differently? What went well, what did not go so well?
You can document in Danish or english on

 List of possible sharing platforms for documentation






We have our official Facebook group “Copenhagen Fablab”, which is meant for user communication and updates on activities and machines. If you post pictures from Fablab or of things made in the Fablab you can tag them #cphfablab or #copenhagenfablab as well on other social media.

Ideas on what to document
You do not need to document a finished project on the homepage you can always go back and add more info. You do not need to include all of the info – but the more you give, the more grateful the community is.

Documenting on – This is something we are working on
However -By documenting at Copenhagen Fablab you show you are a dedicated user, want to follow the FabLab ideology and in addition can obtain certain benefits such as more access to locked machines etc. If you document or share a link to your documentation on
To start documenting at you should first Register as a user and create a new project under Projects or your Profile page.