Materials offered

Fablab has a changing inventory of materials for our different machines. Read an updated list of materials and prices here

You can pay by Mobile Pay only. Mobile Pay number – 870893. Text kultur syd-2

We are normally able to offer:

  • 3 mm acrylic (PMMA) sheets in different colors and sizes (max 460×610 mm)
  • 4 mm plywood
  • 3 and 4 mm HDF (600×400 mm)
  • 2 mm EVA foam
  • 2-4 mm cardboard (600×400 mm)
  • Plastic for 3D print in many colors Colored Foil

IMPORTANT: You are welcome to bring your own materials for the laser cutter, as long as you know what it is made of (for example what type of plastic) since some materials can ruin the machine or worse. We recommend using similar materials as what is found in the inventory of FabLab.