Hvad er en superuser?

 TEKST PÅ DANSK SuperUser is another name for the volunteers who has the knowledge and skillset to help you get started on your project.

A SuperUser is a Fablab volunteer that wants to use the Fablab frequently for their projects. In addition, they want to help make it a fun and inspiring place for everybody by maintaining tools and improving the facilities, teach other users and taking shifts to open locked equipment. If you want to know more then drop by when we are open. See the activity in our calendar here (??).

The steps to be a SuperUser will be:

  1. Participate in three open labs with signed paperBe a Volunteer for a month, without full access to the lab.
  2. At least you have one Open Day in the month after application.
  3. After a month. The SuperUsers will vote for the voluntee

Benefits of being a SuperUser

  • Access to locked machines 7 days a week
  • Locked storage at Værkstedshallerne or on 4th floor and basement of Valby Culture House 
  • Have a say in which machines or tools to buy
  • Be a part of the Copenhagen Fablab community and get invites to meetups 
  • Meet and network with lots of people doing interesting things and visitors fra all around the world who things who visit the Fablab.
Who are you?
  • At least 14 years old  
  • Good communicator and enjoy helping others 
  • Able to volunteer min. 5 hours a month (one 3 hours shift, one 2 hours Monthly meeting) 
  • Have Fablab-related skills you would like to share! (electronics, sewing, CNC milling, programming, woodworking, 3D printing, etc.) 
How to become a SuperUser
The other volunteers will then discuss your application at the next SuperUser meeting. If accepted, you will join the SuperUser group on Facebook.  When you apply for the SuperUser group on Facebook you have to answer some questions, this is only for formal reasons.
You must have read and agreed with the SuperUser Charter which can be found here.
What could be a 3-hour volunteering shift?
from hosting an open machine day for everybody or Badge owners, helping manage the homepage, doing a workshop on a specific skill or tool, fixing a machine or improving the facilities, representing Fablab at a local event, etc.
If your volunteering is not a calendar event, please remember to register your activity by taking pictures and sharing what you do in the SuperUser-only Facebook group, which you will be invited to join you become a SuperUser